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Jual Beratex

Spesifikasi Beratex


Liner for Rubber Industries

What is BERATEX (Bernauer Group)?

Release / separation liner, produced from 100% polythene foil. The PE film is processed into woven yarn as a result of a unique production technique, which is woven into a high-performance release liner/textile by means of a precise weaving procedure.

Where is BERATEX used?

Since 1971 the separation fabric has been used by well-known companies in the rubber and tyre industries as separating and fabric / textile.
Areas of use: Inner liner, steel cord, side wall, tread, rubber, caoutchouc compounds.

Product information

Designation: Liner / Fabric - separating liner - release liner - technical woven fabric
Product Name: BERATEX®
Material: 100% polyethylene produced from own formula

Unique!  Flat yarn weaving precision technique

Woven fabric calender, rubber calender, wire calender, rubber cuttings, rubber components
Steelcord, sidewall liner, inner liner, breaker liner, tread, ply liner

Areas of application:  
Liner / fabric; cloth or separating liner; temporary interim storage for rubber / caoutchouc  calender

Extremely low adhesion between rubber and fabric 
No deformity when winding or unwinding
The initial adhesion – and therefore the freshness of the rubber – remains intact
Stable surfaces through heat settings, therefore no deformities
Hot edge cutting, no fraying
Very high durability, recyclable, therefore more environmentally friendly than other materials
No pollutants





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